Kellogg Under Fire: Have Advertisements Gone Too Far?

This year’s outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu has triggered various controversies, especially with respect to the necessity and safety of the vaccine recently made available to the general public. Although such health concerns are understandable and valid, a less rational argument has also surfaced. At the center of this debate is the Kellogg Company, the nation’s largest cereal maker …

Add HEALTH to the Dow

What if “health” could be viewed as an industry monitored by the stock market, like the Dow Jones average? Some days it may soar with favorable reports, and others it may tank as fear circulates the nation. It turns out the United States has its own health and happiness meter.

New Craigslist Ad: “Got Chicken Pox?”

Looking for a disease on the Internet? This is not your typical virus. It’s the chickenpox. And some parents are intentionally searching out carriers to infect their children naturally. Are vaccines that bad for you?

Swine Flu: Apocalypse Deterred for Now

It is about time we face reality and realize that H1N1, more commonly called swine flu, is not a big deal. So, before we smear ourselves with hand sanitizers, don our surgical masks, and detain ourselves in our rooms, let’s go over a few things. In the midst of this chaos, we are in dire need of nothing other than a little perspective.

Robots Invade America

Three hundred million Americans and growing. An unceasing flow of immigrants, both legal and illegal.
Unemployment nearing ten percent. If anything, it seems as though there’s a shortage of work to go around in the United States.

Purell Pandemic: The Creation of Super Germs?

With today’s generation of germaphobes and antiseptics such as Purell at the convenience of the general public, is the overuse of such antiseptics setting the stage for super germs?