The Utility of Social Media in Autocratic Middle Eastern Regimes

In our contemporary era of social media technology and global networking websites, observers of the Middle East widely agree on one point: unless autocratic regimes obstruct or heavily restrict Internet access, they will be subverted by technologically shrewd activists.

Law and Technology: The Changing Face of War and its Legal Ramifications

Over the last ten years, leaps in technology have led to warfare being augmented by developments that would seem to be more suited to science fiction.  However, the use of drone warfare, cyberwarfare, and data mining has caused a dramatic shift in the way a war is thought of and conducted, in addition to raising a multitude of legal and …

Apple: The Gateway for Change in Medicine

Today, the invention of new technology has the aptitude to completely change our daily lives.  This can range from altering a solitary ingredient in an established routine, to shifting one’s strategy completely.  The iPad, from Apple, has been credited as ground breaking technology, having immense promise in fields including business, education, and recently, medicine. There is still no way to …

Net Neutrality and Broadband Congestion: Should the FCC Regulate ISPs?

Following a May District of Columbia Appeals Court decision in Comcast vs. FCC, the Federal Communication Commission has released a statement in which they outline a “third way” to deal with the problem known as network neutrality.  Tim Wu, who first popularized the term in his 2003 paper entitled Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination, defines network neutrality as “the idea … that a …

Are We Being Replaced?

Technological progress is prevalent in society. Every year, newer models of cell phones, televisions, and computers are released. The reasoning behind the release of new machinery is that it is more efficient than the previous model and thus can greatly facilitate the activities it was designed for.