TTH Online Podcast – Episode 001: Transhumanism and Sustainability

Guest: Brad Allenby How do we define being human? What are the implications of the increasingly sophisticated technologies that are “beginning to make the human a design space”? Drawing on his diverse and transdisciplinary experience, ASU professor Brad Allenby joins host David Edwards to explore the ethical, legal, and environmental implications of an increasingly technological world, with a focus on …

A Circadian Conundrum: Sleep and the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

Insomniacs have it rough: imagine a long day of tedious work and activities after which you come home to even more chores.  Exhaustion finally sets in, and you are ready to collapse into bed, eagerly looking forward to those precious hours of sleep when you can finally rest your mind and body.  Yet, as the hours tick by on your …

Sweeter than Honey

For most people, bees bring to mind one of two things: delicious honey or nasty stings.  If someone were to tell you that a bee product was being used medicinally you might be inclined to think that it was a spoonful of honey for a sore throat or something equally benign. Recently, however, scientists have been studying the curative properties …

Add HEALTH to the Dow

What if “health” could be viewed as an industry monitored by the stock market, like the Dow Jones average? Some days it may soar with favorable reports, and others it may tank as fear circulates the nation. It turns out the United States has its own health and happiness meter.

New Craigslist Ad: “Got Chicken Pox?”

Looking for a disease on the Internet? This is not your typical virus. It’s the chickenpox. And some parents are intentionally searching out carriers to infect their children naturally. Are vaccines that bad for you?

Swine Flu: Apocalypse Deterred for Now

It is about time we face reality and realize that H1N1, more commonly called swine flu, is not a big deal. So, before we smear ourselves with hand sanitizers, don our surgical masks, and detain ourselves in our rooms, let’s go over a few things. In the midst of this chaos, we are in dire need of nothing other than a little perspective.