What Are the Triple Helix and The Triple Helix Online?

The Triple Helix, Inc. is an international non-profit organization (IRS 501c3) with 27 chapters involving over 800 students from universities around the world. Together these students form some of the world’s future leaders in science, business, and law. The Triple Helix aims to produce one of the highest quality undergraduate publications in the next several years and to showcase the undergraduate voices of hundreds of students on some of the most pressing modern issues in science. As a student-run forum for discussion and interdisciplinary thought, The Triple Helix unites students from all over the world with a diversity of intellectual interests and backgrounds. Through the fulfillment of our mission, The Triple Helix offers a unique, challenging, and exciting educational experience for all of its staff and significantly contributes to our local communities. Click here for more information about The Triple Helix, Inc.

The Triple Helix Online is the electronic publishing arm of The Triple Helix Inc. TTH Online was founded in Spring 2009 at the Cornell University chapter of The Triple Helix and has since grown to include several more chapters. Content for TTH Online is generated by students and guest writers from various schools around the world.

Our Mission

  1. To educate students at every level about the dynamic relationship between science, society, business, ethics, and law in order to bridge the archaic divide between these various fields of study
  2. To instill academic interest in a broad range of topics, inspire scientific curiosity and discovery, and encourage undergraduates to explore interdisciplinary careers that span across traditional boundaries
  3. To provide opportunities for students to learn and practice writing, editing, reviewing, communicating, researching, layout and design, marketing, web design, and management and leadership in a real world enterprise with both peer and professional guidance.
  4. To encourage critical analysis of the most legally and socially important issues in science through the free exchange of ideas within a diverse national community
  5. To build a lasting social network of some of the nation’s most capable undergraduate leaders as a positively reinforcing resource
  6. To inspire entrepreneurship and innovation through participation in an organization that continuously builds upon and reinforces those ideals